My 2019 Goals + Word of the Year

It’s the beginning of 2019 and here I am with a new 1 year old and just over 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy two!! These facts made me question whether or not goals and planning my year out were futile given that I will have two pretty young boys in just a couple of months, but I still desire to live out each of my days with purpose while also having grace for myself in this beautiful season.

I feel like these years of early motherhood, while challenging and so tiring, are still extremely important years to set goals, even if they are small. I also am aware that my goals will more than likely shift a bit after I have baby number two and I will allow space for that to happen. So with that I will share a few of my current goals for 2019 + my word of the year!

My Word of the Year is 


I have been doing a lot of reflecting and dreaming the past couple of months and this word just fit pretty much all of my goals. In the dictionary the meaning reads:

  1. done on purpose; deliberate.
  2. purposeful in word and action.
  3. actively interacting and engaging with your life.
  4. living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Around early-2018 I had an epiphany. This may sound silly, but I was in such a pit complaining about where life had taken me and how I was so disappointed in myself for being no where near where I thought I would be at 23 (Enneagram 1 over here). After enough griping and complaining, I realized that I had been living as a victim to my circumstances and the events in my life. I was letting life hit me back and forth in any way it wanted to and I was taking the punches like a sad defenseless puppy. Then licking my wounds for days and weeks at a time. Over the year, I learned to start taking control of my life and going for what I wanted to happen. I said “no more” to living like a victim to my life. I am in charge of it, for goodness sake! (Of course, with the Lord’s guidance and wisdom). However, going into 2019, the word intentional just fit everything I wanted to grow into.

I want to be intentional in motherhood and not let social media steal my eyes and attention away from their tiny faces and these early years that truly are a vapor.

I want to be intentional in my relationships and cultivate meaningful, life-giving friendships with those in a similar season as me.

I want to be intentional in growing my small business. I kind of fell into my business after  y e a r s  of feeling inadequate and this year I want to be intentional with growth and logistics.

I want to be intentional in our finances and steward our income well in a way that will set us up for future success.

And I want to be intentional with my relationship with Christ by setting aside time to get into my Bible and keep a conversation going with the Lord in prayer through the day.


With that, I share my top 2019 goals: 

Intentional + Purposeful Motherhood 

  • Get down and play with my boys + get outside!
  • Cultivate a peaceful home + daily routine
  • Give myself grace in healing + becoming a newborn mama again
  • Develop photos regularly in physical photo albums

Grow my Creative Business

  • Get my business “legit” + treat it like a business
  • Finally take time to design my own brand to reflect who I am
  • Put out consistent blog posts + design content
  • Focus on growing my Etsy shop + take on only a handful of logo designs

Steward our Finances Faithfully 

  • Take out cash envelopes bi-weekly
  • Bi-weekly budget check-ins with Josh
  • Pay down our consumer debt
  • Participate in “no spend weeks” each month

Take Care of Myself 

  • Read 12 books
  • Take monthly solo-dates
  • Start a slow workout routine after I am cleared to work out post baby
  • Take vitamins + drink water daily!!

Cultivate my Spiritual Growth 

  • Read through the Old Testament
  • Nurture a daily quiet time + prayer life
  • Meditate on scripture
  • Get involved with a woman’s group or life group


All together I have 9 main goals for 2019, each broken down into their own sub-categories that will help me work towards those main goals. This year I will be learning how to be a mama to two babies in a city that is not down the road from family. I am relying and trusting in the Lord’s strength and guidance to help me become the mama and wife He has called me to be.

I am hopeful and expectant that 2019 is going to be a really sweet year, coming off the tail end of a couple hard years. I am hustling hard the next couple of months to prepare for baby number two. But also truly savoring this time of it being just my firstborn and I for a couple more months. The days are absolutely sweet and full of so much beauty and I don’t want to let a moment pass me by. Here is to a year of intentional living!

If you have a word of the year or goals for 2019, please feel free to share them below! I love hearing other people’s goals + dreams!

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